The big migration

Hello there,

as mentioned before I decided to cancel the contract about my old dedicated server, the teapot(, effective 1st of September.

That means all data will be wiped and the IPs will no longer work.

But fear not, as you can see I already opted for a replacement, which offers a lot better hardware (2TB instead of 1TB HDD-Space, 250 Mbit/s instead of 100Mbit/s uplink, intel quad-core instead of older AMD dual-core cpu and 16GB instead of 8GB of RAM) for 20 Euros less: Welcome to the SYSbox.

Since the new machine works with a slightly different admin-structure (ISPConfig instead of DIY-patchwork, Debian 8 instead of unstable) migrating everything 1:1 from the teapot is not going to work, its going to be a slow and painful process but has the advantage of starting clean and get lost of a lot of bloat that piled up over the years.

Ive already begun setting up the mandatory services (ISPconfig being a big help) and first DNS-Settings, and while I learn to accomodate myself with the new configstructure I start making progress. “Special” services like my EFnet IRC-bot, XMPP, SSL, Dynablaster Server, etc. will pop up one after another. However, I won’t and I can’t migrate all the users on my own and that’s where you come in.

The plan/roadmap looks like this:

IRC/ZNC – This one will be rather easy to set up, the most complicated task will be to get the IRCnet opers to adjust my iline to the new IPv6 prefix. I will start with copying the whole ZNC files, assign new IPv6 Adresses and replace the old ones in the config files. As soon as you see your new client online you can try to connect to it using the new host (or one of its aliases, tho most hosts still point to the teapot to not break shit), user credentials and ports will hopefully be the same as before – if I have to assign new passwords hit me up when the login fails.

Email – I will also share this post by email to all users which currently have an email-Inbox at the teapot. I wont copy over any mailfolders so if you want to save your emails you better move them to your new IMAP-Inbox, hit me up for account details as I had to reset all the passwords. I already configured all the domains, mailboxes, aliases and forwarders, but wont do the MX-Record change before August 24th so thats when the mails will start arriving at the new server.

Useraccount/Web-Services – To be honest, apart from a few subdomains Im not exactly sure what is still needed and what can go bye-bye. Note that because of the new configuration structure webhosting isnt tied to an actual user/shell-account anymore, so if you just need one without the other thats completely possible now. That means: If you want/need your old site/useraccount/homedirdata to be migrated to the new machine hit me up before August 24th via mail or IRC and we will move the stuff together. Of course you can also just dump the data to some place else and let your account die with the teapot.

As you can see the deadline for caring about your useraccount is pretty much the 24th of August as thats the date I chose to rewire all the DNS entries to point to the new server, taking it into live operation. One week safety if something important is missing or aint working seems like a good idea to me, after that the teapot will be no more and we will have to stick to whatever state the SYSbox is in at that time.

Even tho this is a lot of tedious admin work Im happy to finally have all the core configuration of the box in one place with a concept behind it rather than the steadily grown pile of processes that is the teapot. Once we have finished the migration everything wil hopefully run smoother than before.


Arvenius – your fellow hobbyadmin.

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